Saturday, May 22, 2010

Violin Teacher Perks

I am many things to many people: even a blue and red petaled flower!

Mozart and Bach hang out with me in my studio, poised to practice and compose on their pianos.

Many gifts from special people find their way to my Grandmommy's antique oak shelves on the wall of the studio.  Each of these represents a dear student, friend, or family member at a special moment in time. 

More special memories.

I ring these bells as reminders of specific techniques, or as a breach of technique.  It's like a game, however, not a punishment.  The various thumb operated characters are also technique illustrators. The lamb on the left and the tiger can take a bow, bending their heads down,  and curve their tails, like a curved pinky finger on the bow hand. The butterfly can soften and collapse, like a soft bow hand, and the sheep on the right winds up and hops--I use it as a timer for specific repetitions of technique.  

My latest gift from students.  Even my garden has "violin" music!  

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