Sunday, May 16, 2010

Reconnecting with Jonah and Gracie

My ideal scenario for my extended family is that we would all live close enough to meet at our house for hamburgers or pasta or brisket on Friday nights or Sundays after church service.  Real life isn't like that yet, however. We raised our daughters to go where God calls them, and that's what they did. 
Boo and Michael live way out west. Last week Muffin had a helicopter conference in Phoenix, which just happened to be ideal for a visit with their family.  Since we don't see them often, it takes time to warm up the connections and understand each other.  The iphone is a fabulous tool for shortening the re-connecting time.  Muffin has all sorts of mechanical games that Jonah loves to play. Gracie loves to do what Jonah does, so he helps to draw her into the circle.

We collect gifts throughout the year and rather than mailing all of them we take some with us on a visit. Jonah loves logo clothing! And Gracie and Jonah both love books.  Devotions for the Children's Hour, Museum 1 2 3, and Have You Filled A Bucket Today? a guide to daily happiness for kids,  made the trip with us. 

A walk to the neighborhood park is always a hit.  Gracie loves to run and to slide. Jonah likes to ride his Big Wheel all over the basketball court.  

Eating lunch on Mother's Day after church. Going to church with my kids is such a blessing.  I love to meet their friends, read their bulletin, visit with their pastors and staff, get an idea of the spiritual atmosphere.  It's important for families to be in church together.   Jonah loves to sit by Grandpa.

Day 3: Grandpa and Jonah go ladybug hunting and found Bingo III. 

Gracie, in a pile of lego blocks and other toys, discovers that Marmee also has an iphone!

Day 4: While Grandpa was at the helicopter show Boo and I took Jonah and Gracie to CMoP, Children's Museum of Phoenix.  This is one of many, many MANY fast trips Jonah made through the "car wash".  Endlessly fascinating and entertaining, CMoP is perfect for a day of learning and fun.  We stayed for four hours!

Gracie and I in the Noodle Forrest at CMoP.  She had no fear, and ran into it with all the much older kids. Stayed on her feet all the way through and showed no signs of disorientation either.  FYI: this is many square feet of hanging swimming pool noodles.  They are in a huge open room and you must go through the "forrest" to find the bean bag chairs, stuffed spiders, and books at the other end.  
Love it!

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