Saturday, March 6, 2010

Scale of 1 to 10

I haven't posted for awhile. I have no particular reasons or excuses. Each week is the same in many ways. Mondays include Reunion Group. Tuesday mornings I'm part of a Sozo team in ministry to an individual who has a great ministry, yet needs to be free of many generational bondages. Wednesday morning is Bible study, a.k.a. Sozo ministry training. And Monday-Wednesday are full of students as well. Evenings I go to the health club for Body Flow. Thursdays vary with communications, meetings, and errands.

So the variations in schedule are in the Lord's time, place, and people. For example the ministry day two weeks ago was "unscheduled" by six inches of snow. Three weeks ago it was two hours of intense ministry with three of us praying and following the Holy Spirit. This week two of us met for just an hour and great freedom resulted. When a student is sick or needs to miss for another reason I can spend a few minutes praying or practicing or sorting out music. This week in a break I sat quietly and soaked in the Lord's presence while listening to quiet instrumental music. He showed me some beliefs I had that were simply ingrained in wrong ideas about myself and had been there since I was a child.

We all have those beliefs. For example:
How many sides on a Stop sign?
What color is a Stop sign?
How many sides on a Yield sign?
What color is a Yield sign?

Most of your answers are 8, red, 3--for the first three questions. If you were born before 1988 your answer for question four may have been "yellow". However, Yield signs were changed in the 1990's to red and white. Really! Our perceptions and our thinking are skewed by our circumstances too often. God is better than we think He is, so....
we need to change the way we think!

On a scale of 1-10 I may not be accomplishing on a level of 9-10 every week as far as my schedule appears. But my perceptions are changing and my expectations of daily life are changing as well.

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