Friday, March 12, 2010

It Might as Well be Spring

Tis the season when in Texas trees bloom gloriously, mindless and heedless of high winds (gusts to 40 mph three days this week), possible freezing temperatures overnight, or hail with thunderstorms. Yesterday it was sunny and 72. Today it rained a little as a thunderstorm skirted the town, and tonight we have a fire in the fireplace.

Our days are longer. In fact we have daylight past 6:30 PM. DST begins Sunday morning so all of that changes in a couple of days. In less than 15 hours the school districts and universities in town will close the doors for a week of Spring Break. Well deserved by students and teachers, administrators and staff!

My teaching break began yesterday evening. Today I cleaned the floor and bathrooms, did some laundry, scheduled my studio recital, worked out at the gym for almost 2 hours, prepared greeting cards for family and friends, located an industrial sized hole punch at an office supply, organized some files, mailed all the cards, answered lots of email, repaired some clothing articles, and listened to several podcasts and playlists. Cause I'm on Sprang Brake!

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