Thursday, February 25, 2010

What I love about Thursday, and confess about Monday


More time to do needlework than when I'm teaching all afternoon.

More time for the second cup of coffee, perhaps with a homemade biscotti too.

More time to watch Scooter take a nap. Perhaps I will indulge myself in a nap too. Although, I will not, ever again, as long as I live, mistakenly swallow his liver medicine again, as I did on Monday. Yes, I confess that I laid all my vitamins and allergy meds out on the cabinet, along with Scooter's pain and liver meds. I gave him the pain med, reached back to take my pills and immediately realized that I just swallowed something too big. It was his Denosyl! I immediately felt like I wanted to scratch behind my ears and roll over, then run through the doggy door. Wait, I already tried that! That's how I bruised my arm when locked myself out of the house and tried to reach through the doggy door to unlock the door knob. No, I read the web site and found no warnings at all for Denosyl, but Muffin, who was home with upper respiratory infection, called poison control and learned that not only was I in no danger at all, but that some humans actually take Denosyl. Go figure. Scooter just seemed upset that he didn't get his second "treat" for the day. I fed him some itty bitty dog biscuits, and NO, I did not feel the urge to taste them. Nor did I chase the mail carrier or wear a flea collar as some of my Facebook "friends" suggested I might. And that's all I have to say about that. Woof!

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