Monday, February 22, 2010

What have I been doing?

February has been lots busier that I expected. Muffin and I have been on the road and busier than birds getting ready for winter. In addition to teaching my students I have had several programs, meetings, and performances, events, ministry opportunities, and our regular work schedules.

Here is Muffin on a trolley in San Antonio.

Early this month we enjoyed shopping online for Joy's birthday--her 30th! Seriously? It was 30 years ago when we drove to the hospital on a snowy day for her birth? Not possible!

On her birthday for 2010 Muffin and I were in San Antonio at the Texas Music Educators Association Convention. It's BIG! More vendors, exhibitors, presenters, concerts, showcases, meetings, and buildings than one can imagine. These violins are very nice ones offered by just one of many high end shops represented at the convention.

I bought these Bow Buddies for my studio. The little frog and fish help students form a flawless bow hold. I think it will assist in revolutionizing string instrument education!

Eye glasses for sale!

Look closely. These are all lamps!

Color coded handbells, anyone?

Leaving San Antonio we visited the Rowdy Girls. Grandpa and Daddy JB are wearing funny hats at this restaurant.
McSisters cheesing in the sunlight at Saturday morning brunch.

The following week was a huge rush to get my students ready for a judging event. Here is one of them with "da judge", who is really our symphony's concertmaster, and gives mini lessons to each student after their performances. It is so very helpful to me as a teacher for them to get this kind of feedback. Eighteen of them played last Friday. One more will play at an alternate time this week. After that event was completed I went to a funeral visitation and a three hour rehearsal while a very sick Muffin drove home from a visit with Nana. He got a shot and a prescription and after lots of rest on Saturday, Sunday and today, he was feeling better before returning to work in the Big City.

Muffin took me to the Sweetheart Banquet at our church on Valentine's Day. It was lovely!

Before going into a series of rehearsals for another concert last weekend, my feet went to Ms. D for a soak, a massage and a lovely pedicure. Heavenly!

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