Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I don't want to face the fact that the Esther Bible study is finished. We learned so much and connected to the "cast of characters" so completely. Each Wednesday was a great blessing, and I anticipated seeing the DVD's of Beth Moore teaching, as well as being with my sisters in study, discussion and prayer. To be very honest, my favorite part of this study was the homework. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed each day of it. I would get my coffee, my workbook and my computer and open Libronix,

Libronix DLS Logo  a Logos Bible study software,  to

 study. Each week I would automatically pull up the chapter for study on the home page, then go to the Bible study tool with the passage guide feature, and click on "passage in parallel versions".  My three favorite versions, stored in order, are the Amplified Bible, New International Version (Nearly Infallible Version if you are a smart mouth), and The Message, always with a fresh take on what I think is familiar.  

At this point, I'm practically salivating in anticipation and I begin to read the chapter of the week, along with Beth's comments on the daily homework. I just devour it! And if something really captures my attention or curiosity, I can double click on the home page and get the Strong's numbers and research from that angle. Or there is always the Bible dictionary with more info, or some of the books that Beth references are also in Libronix so I can read further than what she has actually written about in that days homework, or... Well, you get my point. It's endless.  My favorite studies are laced with Greek and Hebrew nuances and revelations and I begin to make notes in my homework book and in my "real" Bible too.  

Actually, I loved doing the homework so much, that I would sometimes save it up for a morning when I had no meetings or interruptions. Then I would do three or more lessons from start to finish, spending all morning and two big cups of coffee with my eyes, fingers, and spirit spinning out of control!  As Beth says, there is no high like the Most High. And there is no better caffeine than that which come from He-brews!  Aww, there are worse things that being a Bible study geek.

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