Saturday, December 27, 2008

McFamily Christmas: Part 1, Traveling

For Christmas 2008 with the McFamily, travel played a major role. The W’s could not travel since Michael had shoulder surgery on December 3 and Becky had many gigs during the month, including midnight mass on Christmas Eve in AZ. Joy & Mike had an appointment with his family in the Midwest for the week, so they left home the 23rd. After more than 9 hours in a plane that was forbidden to land in Chicago, they finally landed in St. Louis, their ultimate Christmas Eve destination, but were not allowed to deplane. Instead, all on board were sent back to Chicago, many, many, many hours late.

On December 21st the Rowdy Girls and their parents arrived from the Hill Country, where the girls settled in, but their Daddy had to keep working until after 6 p.m. on Christmas Eve. That included many hours at the computer from the house, a trip to far West Texas to see some wind turbines up close and personal, and many hours reading contracts and talking on the phone. He was tired. In Texas, we call that “whupped”.

December 21st Muffin had to return to his apartment in the DFW area, work 20 hours in two days, and make the round trip home. He obediently and dutifully made a stop at our favorite market, buying tamales, quiche, and delicious chicken dinners so we at home could continue to bake cookies—delicious and nutritious and much more fun than making “real food” for dinner. About thirty minutes before he arrived, Fabulous Aunt Kaki got away from her job in the Hill Country, made a few shopping stops and arrived here for the week. Following them 30 minutes later, RG’s Dad drove in. While they were all driving to our home, we received text messages and phone calls updating us on the progress, or lack of it, on Joy and Mike’s flight.

So, many, many hours, and many hundreds of miles after the day began, everyone who traveled was exactly where they belonged. A very good reason to give thanks to God! His faithfulness is great, and His mercies are new every morning.

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