Monday, October 31, 2011

Running behind and playing Catch Up

I'm running behind on blogging and several other activities. Playing catch up with photos. 

 At the end of September and first of October the monarchs arrived in town. They were like lovely orange and black snowflakes in my alley. 

 End of September, Muffin surprised me with a new car. He brought it to me between rehearsals for a concert. That sneaky boy! 

 October 8 we drove in our new car to Galveston, stayed in a lovely B&B, the Coppersmith Inn, and sailed away on October 9 to the Caribbean on the Conquest.

 A kiss from God. Beautiful moon rise within the sunset over the ocean.

 We had the best cabin stewards ever! 

 Muffin looking rested with the Jamaican blue mountains as backdrop.   We both got massages that day!

Sailing away from Montego Bay at sunset.

 Seven mile beach, Grand Cayman.

 Mexico! Love the country!

Our catamaran to Passion Island

 Another kiss from God: coral washed into Muffin's hand as he left the water, headed to the sand at the island.

Passion Island was wonderful, even in the rain. 

 Stormy sea as we departed Cozumel.

Amazing food!  Our head waiter was Spitz from India. When he learned that we sponsored a child in India he brought additional food to us, three dinners in a row.  It was delicious Indian food, specially prepared for Carnival guests. Of course we had already ordered our meals each of these nights so we actually ate two meals.  Feeling Fat!

Couldn't wait to catch up with the grands when we checked our email messages.  Later this month we began to get these entertaining photos of Sebastian.  

  How many two month olds have a mustache?

He's awesome!  

 All of these smiling kids just attended the Abilene Philharmonic student concerts. Those four concerts, plus five rehearsals and another classical concert wrapped up last week and the weekend.  I'm tired! 

As you can see in this photo of Mr. Coat, otherwise know as Sebastian, our first cold spell arrived.  Sebastian saw his first snow and we had temperatures in the 30's with rain!  

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Heather Brooke said...

WOW!!! I love the sunset!!! I am so glad you guys had such a good time!!!