Monday, June 13, 2011

Three years

Dear Dubbie,
It has been three years today since I watched you walk past that open gate in heaven to eternity.  So three years means nothing in eternity.  On earth it means that Gracie is almost three years old and never saw you. It means that Joy and Mike have now been married four years and will soon have a baby boy. Becky and Michael have been married 9 years, and Christel and Jamie 15 years.  It means that Jonah just finished a year in school, that Ruby and Emme are getting ready for Kindergarten, and they were barely talking well when you went through the gate.  Abigail finished a year of college, and she was still a child when you stopped looking back at us and started looking forward into heaven's glories.  I didn't know anything at all about Early Childhood Education for Suzuki babies that day and now I'm teaching them things that you and Nannie taught me and our girls.  Monte began conference calling with our guys tonight--just to pray with them each week.  I know you would like that lots.  Nannie is being brave and fighting a good fight, but she misses you terribly, as we all do.  Thanks for tending the gardens and keeping the watering holes company and please enjoy all the music that heaven has to offer while you're waiting for us.

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montemc said...

Thank you My Love for introducing me Your amazing Father. What an honor to know Dubbie and be married to his only daughter.

I Love You So Much, Muffin